Treatment for damaged, rough and cold hands

Step one:
Hand bath in fragrant bath ball with the apple extract-

time 10 minutes
Put half of the ball to a bowl of warm water and soak your hands in it. The bowl should be large enough to fit your hands in it (capacity of about 3-4 litres). Oils, rice and almond moisturise the skin, while citric acid brightens minor blemishes. Fizzing ball will gently massage your hands and your favorite scent will benefit the well-being. After the bath, dry your hands with a towel

Step two:
Perform a gentle exfoliation with hand scrub with Aspar donkey milk. Make circular movements massaging back of your hand, the spaces between the fingers and fingers. Rinse the scrub with warm water and dry your hands.

Step three:
Light Aspar massage butter, wait until it melts a little, put out the wick, check the temperature of the butter and pour a small amount on your hand. Gently rub the butter into the skin on the entire surface of the hand. We recommend this treatment once a week. Hands badly damaged, after a long exposition to the cold without protection should be subjected to cosmetic treatment twice a week until a visible improvement in skin condition.