Idunn - Firming Body Treatment

Step one

Perform body scrub with Idunn scrub with brown sugar. Wet your body in the shower, apply scrub on your hands and massage the skin with circular movements. Start with your hand and go in the direction of the arms, then the abdomen, hips and neck gently. Then start peeling the legs starting from the feet, moving towards the thighs and buttocks. Scrub cleanses the skin of impurities and dead skin cells. Wash with a short shower applying hot and cold water alternately to further stimulate circulation.

Step two

After a shower, apply Idunn firming body oil and massage of the skin firmly and deeply. Massage your hands from the palm in the direction of the arms, abdomen and hips in a circular motion from the feet and legs towards the thighs. For legs you can do a light drainage, do a cross roller with skin and move it in the direction of the thighs, repeat several times. This massage helps to fight against cellulite, and plant extracts, among others- coffee contained in the oil will support this fight.
Our advice: Daily use of moisturizing Idunn cream, and additionally performing a weekly massage with warm butter Idunn will help maintain skin firmness. Massage with hot butter Idunn is also relaxing.