A decade of experience results in arising of spectacular lines of natural cosmetics- Idunn Naturals. Its lines of products compose of carefully selected, natural materials. They are all rich in essences of natural oils, butters and extracts. They owe their exceptional action to precisely balanced and com-posed natural ingredients.

Idunn Naturals is passionate about sourcing the best in class products to create unusual lines of cosmetics and formulate best recipes based on organic practices. All of them are evaluated and controlled by qualified and experienced biotechnologists and cosmetologist experts. These cosmet-ics meet requirements of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) no1223/2009 from 30 Nov 2009 on cosmetic products.

Fragrances of Idunn Naturals gains inspiration from world class brands of perfumes and de-signed by treasured designers.

Idunn Naturals are: parabens, artificial colors and mineral oils FREE

Idunn Naturals cosmetics are not tested on animals.


Step in to the world of Idunn Naturals and enjoy nature.